With the fact that it has one of the healthiest climates of the world, 2580 hours of sunshine a year, fresh air, crystal clear sea, richness of flora and fauna, well who wouldn’t want to spend all of their free time on Lošinj’s open air? For all of you who agree with us, Lošinj has plenty of sports and activities, on the open, to offer.

For those who wish to walk or hike, there are many marked footpaths to go along and for others in search of adrenalin, there is parachuting which offers the best view of Kvarner. Sea lovers and divers will be happy to know that we offer fishing, water skiing, sailing, water polo and diving. 

For the rest of you, there are, of course, tennis courts and football fields.    One of the sunniest destinations of Europe, with its mild winters and reasonably hot summers, delights sportsmen and others who wish to spend their vacation actively, and it does so throughout the year. You chose the sport, and Lošinj will ensure an unforgettable experience. 


No other view can compete with the one it took a real effort to reach. And if you experience a new scent along the way, meet an interesting stranger with an unbelievable story, hear birds chirping, you have an unforgettable memory. We would like to point out one of the more difficult trails, one that leads to the chapel of St. John the Baptist. 

However, we don’t mean to scare you, not all trails lead up the hill. Lošinj offers many footpaths along the sea and through the pine forest, what we on the island call “lungomare” (along the sea), by choosing one of these paths, you get to see many of our coves and bays. One of them is the one that connects Mali Lošinj to Veli Lošinj, so when you get there, make sure to visit Rovenska bay and enjoy in the many delightful old villas of Veli Lošinj. There is also St. Martin, which is a small fishing port. These paths are also suitable for runners, it would be a great active start to a day. 


You have never tried parachuting before? Lošinj is the right place for a premiere like this! It’s an experience you won’t ever stop talking about. After the unavoidable screaming in the beginning, relax with the sound of air rushing past you and enjoy the view, wave to a bird flying by.   

Even though you wouldn’t think so, but parachuting is one of the safest sports, at least on Lošinj it is.  The skydive is done in a tandem, from the height of 4000 m, and the free fall is 60 sec long. You are led by a team of professionals through the whole experience and you are completely safe. Mali Lošinj was the host of the World Skydive Championship in 1985, which only proves that it is the location ideal for this kind of thrill.


Football is one of the most popular and most played sports in the world, and it also has a long and rich history on the island of Lošinj.

FC Lošinj was officially founded in 1976. and the footballers did not only compete against each other but against other teams from other islands and the rest of Croatia as well. Local football team trains on the football field Čikat and there you can enjoy in the game of both young and not so young players and hopes of Lošinj’s football. Apart from Čikat, football is played on every yard, blind street and school playground. Therefore, if you wish to play, just go out to the street, you’ll find players in a flash. 


Oh, the rays of sun on your back, the sea underneath your feet, wind in your hair…. Just how to resist? Water skiing is one of the sports which is exciting to watch almost the same as it is to participate in. Lošinj has had its water skiing club since 2005, and the water surface they practice on is in the port of Mali Lošinj. If you wish only to watch, settle comfortably by the bay in the early morning or just before sunset, if you decide to try it, contact Dubravko Mužić ( However you decide to participate, enjoy yourselves!


Water polo is, along with swimming, one of the most popular water sports in Croatia, and the success of our water polo representation adds to this. The official tradition of this sport on the island begins in 2001 when the water polo club Jazon was formed, but unofficially the sport exists from who knows when. Since 2005 the club organises an international competition for the young ones called “The Good Dolphin”, at the end of June it gathers a lot of young people from all over the world. During summer, there are two water polo courts in the sea, of course, and the equipment needed are only swimming trunks and good spirits. Oh yes, and that funny cap, too 


Since 1979 Karate club Lošinj has been teaching young children on the island about discipline, self-control and martial arts. Don’t worry though, there is no need to use your skills on the peaceful streets of Lošinj, but it is always nice to see young, trained people who are actively involved in all social and sports events on the island. We hope you will have a chance to see them, and who knows, maybe you’ll dare to join in.


Lošinj’s mild climate and many hours of sun a year offer tennis players a chance to play tennis out in the open throughout the year. Although the tennis club was founded in 1980, the tradition of playing dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. These ideal conditions attract both tennis professionals and those who play it recreationally and want to spend their time healthily in the fresh air. If your choice, among the many sports Lošinj has to offer, is tennis, we cheer for you!  


The beauty of our island is not only seen on land, but beneath the sea surface as well. Whether you have dived before or you are planning your first dive, Lošinj’s underwater will definitely impress all those who visit. In Čikat bay, you can find Diver diving centre and it offers a visit to the first Croatian underwater historical park. Some of the pieces exhibited there are the anchors from the 4th and 5th century, Venetian cannons, antique amphorae and the impressive Apoxyomenos. If you are intrigued by this information, visit Diver centre and they will make sure to leave you breathless. 


One of the most famous spear fishermen in Europe is from Mali Lošinj, which says enough about the conditions for this sport on the island. Sport fishing club on the island is called Udica (meaning hook) and it organises numerous competitions in the waters around Lošinj. This club was founded in the late 1948, and in 1957 they organized the 4th European spearfishing competition, which officially became a world championship after the USA team took part in it. Come and feel the special bond Lošinj and spearfishing have.  


Lošinj has been living life to the fullest for years now. In fact, while on other places in the Adriatic people sailed only in order to transfer goods or people, Lošinj can boast with its history of sailing for sport purposes, to show their sailing skills. This tradition continues still, in the sailing club Jugo, which educates young sailors. Whether you enjoy your view from a sailing boat or just by watching them sail off somewhere, we are sure you will love it.