Lošinj's footpaths

Lošinj’s footpaths

Apart from being the island of vitality, Lošinj is definitely the island of scents, as well. This comes as no surprise considering the 1200 plants which grow on the archipelago of Lošinj (Lošinj, Ilovik, Susak, Unije). And what other way to absorb all those fine scents but to take a relaxing walk.

Lošinj will add a bonus to each of the walks you decide to take, it will offer an amazing view. Bearing in mind the size of the area, it is a surprising fact that we have over 250 km of maintained footpaths. Company and the pace you decide for yourselves and allow Lošinj to surprise you, pleasantly of course. 

Pleasant is the fact that there are no poisonous snakes on the archipelago. The fact why there aren’t any has never been scientifically proven, but we aren’t complaining. 

The island offers trails along the sea, the so called “lungomare”, and walking trails of different levels in difficulty. Everyone will find their own way for sure. The most popular are the winding roads through the pine forest which follow the coast to the bay. What to say about them? Every doctor, artist or naturalist would recommend them because they are a cure for both body and mind. 

The area of Čikat is historically interesting, where the ladies waited for their sailors to arrive. Along the path you can find architectonic gems in the shape of Austrian noblemen villas.We definitely recommend the “lungomare” which connects Mali to Veli Lošinj, no matter which way you  start from. 

Veli Lošinj will get under your skin for sure, with its narrow streets and colorful houses. And if that isn’t enough, Rovenska fishing bay will have you at hello, definitely. While the paths along the sea are intended for anyone, some of the trails can be more demanding and ask for certain physical strength. The effort put in the walk will be awarded with amazing views and unspoiled nature.  Along these walking trails you will often run into centuries old stone walls (please, do not pull them down) and nice wooden gates called – lese (please, close them behind you).

One of the most difficult trails is the mountain transversal Osoršćica, which spreads from Nerezine to Osor with its highest peak Televrin (588 m). It is 10 km long, and the view from Osoršćica will be worth each step you took. Interesting to see along the way are St. Gaudens cave and the chapel of St. Michael.Among the favourite trails is Lošinj’s transversal which leads to St. John’s hill (231 m) and the chapel holding his name, with the view that makes many come back to Lošinj. 

We hope this will happen to you, too. Now you know that when you wish someone health and happiness, you really wish a walk through Lošinj to them!