General conditions


When making a reservation, the guest is considered to be informed and in agreement with the rules and fully accepts them. In the purpose of booking a certain accommodation facility, the guest is required to pay cash advance in the amount of 30% of the full price, and the rest of the amount seven days prior to arrival (unless differently agreed). In the case the agency agrees with the guest to pay the rest of the amount upon arrival, the payment is done in the agency, in kunas and in cash. If the reservation is done seven days prior to arrival, the guest is obliged to pay the full amount. If the payment is not made in the agreed period of time, the AGENCY will consider the reservation as cancelled and is free to offer it to another guest. Cash advanced is possible to pay via: a bank transfer, VISA, MASTERCARD. Transaction fees are handled by the guest.


You can find the prices for all accommodation facilities on the agency’s web page All kinds of special services which are listed and not included in the price, the guest will be charged for and is obliged to ask for, when checking in or, if agreed so, make the payment on the spot. The prices are listed in foreign currency and vary depending on the currency fluctuation. The agency holds the right to change the prices, which can differ in 3% the most, depending on the exchange rate. In that case the agency cannot guarantee the agreed price when paying cash advance and the booking confirmation fees. Private accommodation capacity includes: water, electric energy, gas fees and final cleaning. Final cleaning is paid extra for certain apartments in the amount between 20 and 40 Euros, depending on the apartment size.  


Accommodation facilities on offer are described according to the official categorization of an authorized tourist organization. Apartments include: a bedroom, kitchen, terrace or balcony. Beddings are changed weekly, towels every three days and are included in the price. Cappelli  Agency is not responsible for any false information provided by the business partners (accommodation facility owners).


Most accommodation facilities have their own parking place, if not, the guests can use public car parks nearby for a certain fee. Public parking is charged approximately 3 Euros per day for the guests from the Cappelli Agency.    Air-conditioning is included in the price, unless stated differently on the Agency’s web page. In case the facility owner notices that the air-condition is on while the window is open or while the guest is not present in the apartment, he/she holds the right to charge 3-5 Euros for the negligent use of air-conditioning.  Pets are allowed only if arranged so prior to the guest’s arrival and for a set fee. In case the guest hasn’t mentioned a pet when making a reservation, the Agency holds the right to cancel the booking upon arrival. When making a reservation, the guest is obliged to state the breed and weight of the pet. Leaving the pet alone, unattended in the apartment is not allowed.   


The guest is required to come to the Agency upon arrival (or go straight to the facility if agreed so prior to arrival). Entrance to the apartment/room is possible only after 14:00 hours (2 pm) on the day of the arrival and departure is 10 o’clock (10 am) at the latest. Prior notice is necessary if the arrival is after 7 (pm). Upon arrival the guest is required to provide identification, to the agency or the apartment owner, for all the guests staying in the facility, in order to check in with the local authorities. 


In case the guest cancels the reservation, Cappelli Agency holds the right to keep:- 10% of the reservation fee for cancellations to 30 days prior to arrival- 30% of the reservation fee for cancellation between 30 to 15 days prior to arrival- 100% reservation fee for cancelling 14 to 0 days prior to arrivalIn case the guest does not arrive to the accommodation facility until 23h (11pm), and he/she hasn’t given notice of the delay, Cappelli Agency will consider the reservation cancelled, and the cancellation fees will be charged as stated above. 


In case that the Agency has to cancel the reservation, for some unexpected or urgent reason, it needs to offer substitute accommodation of the same quality or return the cash advanced paid for by the guest. If the substitute accommodation is a facility of a higher category and thus more expensive, the Agency holds the right to charge the guest for the difference in price.   


In case the guest is not pleased with the conditions in or of the facility, he/she is required to inform the Agency right away (in the period of 24h). It is in the best interest of the guest that any complaints are dealt with as soon as possible and on the spot. If there is no improvement after the guest has made a complaint, the guest needs to ask for a confirmation stating that the offer received wasn’t made as agreed earlier. The guest is required to attach that statement to a written complaint within 8 days after the end of his/her stay. In case the complaint is filed after the period of 8 days, the Agency will not take it into consideration. The Agency is obliged to reach a written solution to the complaint within 14 days upon receiving the complaint and can postpone it for additional 14 days for the reason of gathering information. The Agency will deal only with complaints which couldn’t be settled on the spot. While the proceeding is in progress (14 to28 days) the guest irrevocably waivers his/her right to interfere a third party, whether it is a person or an institution and is not allowed to give any information to the media. The guest also waivers the right to file a court complaint. The highest amount that can be given to a guest to settle the complaint is the amount for the offer in question and cannot include the services already used nor can include the whole amount. Both the guest and the Agency will try to work out the problem in agreement. Cappelli  Agency is responsible for supplying the guest with all agreed services and needs to answer all questions regarding services which haven’t been accounted for. If the guest isn’t satisfied with the condition of the facility upon arrival, and therefore leaves  the facility and finds new accommodation on his/her own,  the guest cannot ask for a refund and weavers his/her right for a complaint.       


The guest is required to act according to house rules in private accommodation and in hotels. The guest is responsible for any damage made in the apartment or hotel and is required to report is as well as to pay for it on the spot. Unless agreed differently, the guest is obliged to settle all fees in the Agency one day prior to departure at the latest. On the day of the departure, the guest needs to allow the owner to inspect the accommodation facility and leave it in the same condition as found. The guest is required to wash all dirty dishes before leaving and to take out the rubbish.   

   PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY:  The guest agreeably gives personal information, which will be used for further communication. Personal data will be kept in a data base and the Agency is not permitted to give it to a third party.