Beaches and bays


Location:  Artatore village, cca 5 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj 

Artatore is a bay which consists of several beaches, all of them combined of rocks and pebbles. They are suitable for families with children and completely equipped. Surrounded by pine forest which makes such a pleasant shade that many decide to take their afternoon nap in it. You can find restaurants nearby and a big carpark. 



Location: east side of the island, Zagazinjine district, cca 0,5 km from Mali  Lošinj

Bojčić beach is a small beach with a big number of fans. Although the coast is rocky, there is a little pebble part to it which children enjoy very much. Other than freshening up in the sea, there is also the possibility to do it in its shade or under the cold shower the beach is equipped with. Above the beach is a footpath leading to cafés, children’s playground, shops…. 


Location: cca 15 min on foot to the  villages  Donje Selo and Gornje Selo, on the island  Susak

Bok beach is kind of a symbol of the island Susak. A big area of sand and shallow water is the ideal choice for families with children. Other than the fun you can have playing in the sand, the sand also has a healing effect so it’s no wonder that it used to be the choice of beach for the Lošinj’s medical  institute in the beginning of the 20th century. Since there is no vegetation nearby, and therefore no shade other than a parasol, sunbathing lovers will enjoy it very much. 


Location: Sunčana uvala, cca 1 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj

This pebble and fully equipped beach is the usual choice for families with children due to its easy approach to the sea. A beautiful pebble beach surrounded by flat rocks, ideal for catching those rays, sunbathing throughout the day and ending it with a romantic sunset. While the children are having their fun in the sea or participating in some sport activities, grownups can refresh themselves in the café right above the beach.


Location: cca 1 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj 

Čikat beach is a place where many have built their first sand castle, have tried “aqua-aerobic” or have fallen in love with diving or windsurfing. All that and much more this, for some the most beautiful bay in the Adriatic, has to offer. Surrounded by a pine forest park with many facilities and restaurants or cafés. Ideal choice for families with children. 

UVALA ENGLEZA (Bay of the English)

Location: north side of Koludarac islet 

This beach with an unusual name is open for everyone, not just the English, of course. Those who visit once, will definitely come back again. Its special charm is in the location itself, only reachable by a boat. Beach is pebbled on the outside and sandy underwater, Mediterranean forest which surrounds it, adds to its beauty and offers natural shade.  


Location: cca 15 min walking from the village  Verin

Galboka beach is pebbled and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. This beach will take you away from the crowd and leave you to your peace of mind and let you enjoy a good book. It is situated far away from the roads and is not equipped, you can reach it by a macadam road or by a boat.


Location: near Nerezine

This is one of two beaches with the same name, Galboka, and is one of the favourites among Lošinj visitors who keep returning to it. If this isn’t  enough information to make you come and check for yourselves, we can tell you that it isn’t very big, it’s pebbled and surrounded by pine forest with a simple approach and thus, convenient for children. 


Location: cca 0,5 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj

Kadin beach is a favourite for sunbathers  due to its rocky surface, rocks are flat so all you need is a towel. What’s more, it is a favourite for long distance swimmers, with no need to go very deep, but just swim along the coast. The beach has a shower and a changing cabin and there is a long footpath leading towards it. Also, there is a restaurant nearby and the town centre is not far away either. 


Location: near the village of Belej

Koromačna beach is one of the most picturesque on the island. Nature got playful and created beautiful stone shapes so the lucky ones lying there will be feeling like being on a film set. Seabed makes the colour of the sea look surreal. It is rocky with some pebbled parts, you can reach it only on foot, by a narrow paved road.   


Location: footpath leading from Sunčana uvala

Welcome to heaven! All beaches are pretty in some way, but this one will impress anyone, no doubt about it. Some love it for its beautiful green and blue hues, some love it for its sand, then there is the forest offering perfect shade in the background, and finally, it is protected from all winds. If possible, we recommend you reach it by boat.  


Location: through a field near Ćunski village,  cca 7 km from Mali Lošinj

Liska slatina is a spacious and natural, pebbled beach. Like all natural wonders which are hard to reach, this secluded beach cannot be reached by car. We recommend you leave it by the airport Mali Lošinj and follow the macadam road to get to Liska slatina. The rest you’ll have there will be worth the walk.


Location: through a field near Ćunski village,  cca 6 km from Mali Lošinj

Liski is what every unspoilt beach should look like. Isolated enough to offer peace and quiet, with a view of  Osoršćica hill, which makes it an ideal place to contemplate. If you chose Liski, you will lay your towel on a combination of stone and pebbles. You can leave your car on a small carpark near the main road and walk a macadam road to get there.


Location: a part of Camp Lopari

Lopari beach is a part of a camp and is made of a long line of small pebbles. We are sure that many children have learned how to swim on this beach. If you want to get away from the sun, there is a pine forest nearby where you’ll find peace and keep an eye on the goings-on in the sea. It is fully equipped and offers many sports activities and cafés/restaurants. 


Location: cca 20 min of walk from the village Plat

Lučica beach is a natural pebbled beach located far away from the town crowd. Pebbles are of a bigger size and therefore not so convenient for the little ones to walk on. On the other hand, it is great for resting from the everyday noises, ideal for a good book, a Sudoku riddle or just the company of your own thoughts. It can be reached by a macadam road or by boat. 


Location: 20 min on foot from Ilovik 

Mala draga is a completely natural beach, surrounded by wilderness and not equipped. It is pebbly but continues in rocks, seabed is pebbled as well. The beach is quiet, isolated and ideal for couples or anyone looking for solitude and privacy.


Location: 3 km from  Punta Križa village, towards the cape of Kolorat

Meli is completely sandy and for this fine surface and shallow water is perfect for families with children. The location is very peaceful and, away from the city bustle and accordingly not equipped with shower nor toilet. It’s interesting to know that you may see a fallow-deer among the wilderness surrounding it .


Location: cca 20 min on foot from the village of Plat

Meli is one more in a row of pebbled beaches, only these pebbles are somewhat bigger. Rough surface makes it not so welcoming to children. It is quite big and surrounded with Mediterranean vegetation. Meli is a perfect choice for lovers of unspoilt beaches and it can be reached by a macadam road. 


Location: cca 40 min on foot from the village of Ilovik

Parknu beach may hold an unusual name, but there would be nothing unusual if you chose to spend your whole summer vacation on it. Actually, that would be a quite reasonable decision since we’re talking about a big, beautiful and unspoilt beach with an easy access to the sea and so ideal for families with children. It is surrounded with vegetation and is definitely worth while the walk. 


Location: south side of the island    

Plieski is an unspoilt pebbled beach with a sandy seabed. That will make many families with children happy. “The road of the dolphin” is the name of the footpath leading to the beach, the other way to reach it is from Krivica bay or by a boat. A turquoise hue of the sea and Mediterranean vegetation in the background will stay in your memory for days to go, long after the summer has finished.


Location: Poljana camp, cca 3 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj

This beach is a part of  Poljana camp and the entrance is free for all camp guests and Mali Lošinj residents. Others need to pay a fee. Beach is a combination of rocks and small pebbles and is a proud owner of the Blue Flag for its clean sea and surroundings. It is fully equipped and offers many activities.  


Location: cca 30 min on foot from the village of Ilovik

Pržine is a spacious beach which will be loved by those who like shallow water and fine sand. When you think of swimming and sunbathing, you probably have in mind a beach like this one. Being surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and crystal clear sea, you’ll decide whether you want to rest your eyes on the blue or the green. 


Location: under the Vitality hotel Punta    

Punta is a stone beach offering flat surfaces and is fully equipped. We believe that it is enough to say that the beach has been a proud owner of the Blue flag for 10 years now, to make you come and see for yourselves. It guarantees clean sea and a clan beach. There is a small bay in the middle of the beach which children will adore, and if you’re lucky, you might see dolphins playing nearby. Good luck!


Location: near  Nerezine

Ridimutak is one more in a row of beaches holding an unusual name, but attractive to many. Its surface are tiny pebbles, ideal for children’s games on the beach, and in the shallow water. The beach is surrounded by pine forest which offers great refreshment between two swims. And if that doesn’t do it, there is a beach bar where you can get a cold drink. You can reach it by car.


Location: fishing port Rovenska

Rovenska is situated next to a long pier keeping it safe from north winds. It is a pebbled beach and perfect for children, behind it is a pine forest whose crowns offer additional refreshment after a swim. If that isn’t enough, look for a seat in one of the restaurants nearby. 


Location: cca 30 min on foot from the village of Ilovik

Sićadrija is one of many unspoilt beaches on the island. It isn’t very big and it is pebbly. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which fulfils the scenery perfectly. Not that you expect it, but it isn’t equipped with anything of course. If you’re looking for a place to find rest for both your body and soul, you’ll find in on this beach for sure.   


Location: beneath camp Čikat

Srebrna uvala (meaning silver bay) definitely deserves a gold medal in the category of Lošinj’s finest beaches. Two bays are included in the beach, both pebbled. The beach is fully equipped and offers many activities for children and their parents, from playgrounds to restaurants. There is a special access to the water adjusted for disabled people. 


Location: a small port called Studenac, between the villages of Sv. Jakov (St Jacob’s) and Nerezine

Studenac (meaning wellspring) sounds very refreshing indeed. Well, so it is! A combination of a stone surface and concrete, there are also a couple of beautiful houses there. The beach can be reached by car, and by boat of course. It is an ideal choice for those wishing to avoid the crowd. 


Location:  Donje Selo (village of Susak), near the port

If you are looking for a perfect vacation spot, for you and the children, Susak will be great choice for a day trip. Sandy beach expanding throughout the coast, it will take hard work in the shallow water only to lift your feet off the sand. This makes it a great place for many sports, in and out of water. You can hire deck-chairs and sea-paddle boats, and there are cafés nearby. 


Location: near the port of Unije

A beautiful long pebbled beach, great for kids for its simple approach to the water. The sea changes hues of blues and it is a pleasure just to sit and watch this game of nature. It’s an even bigger pleasure to take a swim, and if you get thirsty or hungry, you can help yourselves in the restaurants nearby. 


Location: east side of the island, towards Veli Lošinj

Valdarke beach forms a special bond with the people who visit it. The big bay is a combination of rocks, pebbles and flat stone surfaces, the colour of the sea is unreal and so are the pine trees around it. It’s as if you have entered another world, somehow calmer and more relaxed. It is interesting to know that this beach is the beginning of a footpath connecting Mali and Veli Lošinj, that’s why we recommend a bit of swimming, a bit of sunbathing and a bit of strolling.


Location: cca 30 min on foot from the village of Ilovik

Vela draga is a real jewel for a summer refreshment. Unspoilt, pebbly on the outside and in the sea. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation making it feel like you’re in a real oasis. The beach is small unlike its name, which means big bay, but it does leave a big impression on those who visit. An ideal place to have your batteries charged.  


Location: Sunčana uvala, cca 1 km from the centre of Mali Lošinj

There is a Blue flag flaunting there, guaranteeing clean sea. A pebbled beach combined with stone flat surfaces, with an approach to the sea convenient for children and disabled people. Along with the blue flag decorating the beach, there are blue parasols for hire, deck-chairs as well. It is fully equipped with a lot of sports facilities around, and there are lifeguards keeping an eye on you so feel free to relax.  


Location: cca 15 min from the village of Ustrine

Veli žal (Big pebbles) deserves its name, it is big, and pebbled. That makes it ideal for families with children, who will enjoy turning pebbles around all day. It is equipped with a shower ad there is a paved road leading to it, but it’s closed during summer so you will have to walk there. Don’t worry, you’ll forget the walk once you take a swim.


Location: near the airport,  cca 8 km from  Mali Lošinj

Zabodarski is among the favourites when it comes to unspoilt beaches. Stone and pebbles combine and allow an easy access to the water, so it is great for people of all ages. It is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which offers nice shade and, sometimes, more refreshment than swimming. You can get to it along a macadam road, by car, bike or on foot. 


Location: between Veli Lošinj and Rovenska bay

Zagrebačka beach is an ideal choice for those wanting to lie down on a flat surface because it is all concrete. Lazily lying on the beach, you can rest your eyes on a whole spectre of wonderful views, like the islets of Oruda and Palacol, the immense blue, the mountain range of Velebit or, if you’re lucky enough, on a pod of dolphins. Or you can just close your eyes and doze off, warmed by the sun.