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About destination

About destination It is located in the Augusta bay, the biggest protected bay on these islands. It has 6,500 inhabitants, which puts it in the first place among all others Adriatic islands. Its beginnings go back to 12. century when twelve Croatian families came to the island and formed a settlement in the bay of St. Martin. The first settlers were farmers who later on turned to fishing, showed interest in maritime business and shipbuilding. Gradually the settlement moved to the actual Mali Lošinj harbour. The golden years of Mali Lošinj were in 19. century thanks to the sea and shipbuilding. Due to the big changes and crises in shipbuilding in the area ( the invention of the steamship) it seemed that prospects of Mali Lošinj were not great. Thanks to a discovery of the effect of Lošinj's mild climate on people's health and the beginning of the new industry, tourism, the new period in Lošinj's history began. Today Mali Lošinj is one of the main tourist resorts in the Adriatic, famous and recognized all over Europe by tourists who keep on visiting it again and again.
Attractions The Church of St. Martin dates back to 1450, and it is found on today’s cemetery, where the history of Losinj may be read. Priests that once served in this church where glagolitic, and next to their priestly activities they also served as notary publics and assisted the locals with drafting of the wills, agreements etc. The parochial church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and the plaza date back to 1696-1775. The church has three naves; on the altar there are the relics of St. Romuald and the painting of the birth of Virgin Mary. Cikat - church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (Annunziata). Built in 1534 and enlarged in 1858. On the spot where it was built, sail boats were coming in and leaving Losinj. Today, if a ship passing by the cape of Annunziata sounds with a siren as a greeting, it is known that the captain is from Losinj. Numerous villas of the Austrian aristocracy. Monument to Ambroz Haracic (1885-1916), professor of the maritime school and researcher of the island’s flora and fauna. Maritime school "Ambroz Haracic" shaped as a ship with a commanding bridge. Andra Vida’s and Katarina Mihicic’s art collection and the collection of old painters of the Piperat, contains some 20 oil and water-colour paintings of Italian, French and Dutch painters from the 17th and 18th centuries. The church of St. Nicholas from 1857 dedicated to St. Nicholas the bishop patron of sailors and travellers. Monument to Josip Kasman (1847-1925), world-renowned opera singer born in Mali Losinj. Apoksiomen – sculpture in bronze, representing a Greek athlete in its natural size, around 2000 years old, recently found in Losinj’s submarine

Flora, Fauna, Climate

Flora Among all the Adriatic islands Krk, Cres and Lošinj hold the greatest variety of plants, about 1500 species. Most of these plants are rare species which grow in limited numbers only here and nowhere else in the world. These are so called endemic and relict plants (Asarum Europaeum, Galanthus Nivalis, Ilex Aquifolium, Campanula Istriaca and many others). The northern part of the island of Cres abound in oak and chestnut trees, while Mediterranean maquis dominate the middle and southern part with extensive Eurasian shrubs, which are particularly attractive with their intensive yellow colour. On Cres a profusion of sage bushes (Salvia), when in blossom, produce a beautiful extensive blue carpet. The island of Lošinj is covered in pine trees spreading down to the sea.
Fauna In the Cres Lošinj Archipelago there are about 190 bird species, 90 of these species nest in the region as well. The most famous one is definitely a white-headed vulture, a very rare bird of prey, with a wingspan of up to 2.8 m. Today there are about 100 white-headed vultures which nest and which have been under constant scientific observation. If you wish to find something about their life, do visit the Eco-centre 'Caput Insulae' in Beli, which houses an interesting exhibition about these beautiful birds and provides the information about the measures undertaken to protect them from extinction. A very interesting fact is that on the archipelago there are nine species of snakes , but none of them is poisinuous. According to the legend, a thousand years ago, St. Gaudentius cursed all the poisonous snakes and chased them away. The waters of Lošinj are famous for dolphins. More than 150 of them have been identified and each of them has been given a name. Scientist of the Adriatic project 'Dolphin' have been intensively caring for dolphins and studying their behaviour.This dolphin research is one of the oldest in the Medsiterranean. The dolphins can survive only in clean sea environment and it is hoped that the public will become aware of it and will assist in protecting it. 'Adopt a Dolphin' is a project to help protect the dolphins and people are invited to adopt an individual named dolphin and so support these wonderful animals with their donation.
Climate The northern part of the island of Cres has Submediterranean climate and the rest of the archipelago Mediterranean climate. It is a temperate , warm and rainy climate , with hot and dry summers and warm and damp winters. In June, when days are longest, the islands are mostly sunny. The highest air temperature is in July and the highest sea temperature in August. The sea influences the climate by moderating temperature differences : lowering high temperatures and rising low ones. The average summer air temperaturte is 24'C and the average winter temperature 7'C. The winter sea temperature never falls below 12'C and in summer it is no higher than 27'C. The average air humidity is 70%. Having about 2580 hours of sun , Lošinj is one of the sunniest places in Europe. Its climate is most favourable for the treatment of the bronchial asthma and respiratory allergic diseases.


Excursions There is no better way to get to know the coast, little islands and isolated beaches than to rent a boat with a skipper. You can choose the time, the route, when to stop and enjoy your swimming, when to have lunch... And your skipper is always there at your disposal to assist.
Attractive destinations nearby The Cres Lošinj Arcipelago is situated in Kvarner Bay. It consists of 36 islands and islets and is considered to be the biggest archipelago in the Adriatic. It stretches in north-west south-easterly direction. It is 99 km long, has an area of 513 km2 and covers 16% of the total area covered by all the Adriatic islands. The most of the area lies in a subtropical zone which influences the climate and the way of life. ILOVIK Ilovik is the most southern inhabited island of the Cres-Losinj archipelago. Some people call it 'the flower island' bacause it doesn't lack water (there are many water-wells) and therefore every house has a garden full of flowers. It has about 175 inhabitants, who live mostly from fishing and agriculture. In the vicinity of Ilovik there is another small island called Sveti Petar (St. Peter). Once there was a Benedictine Abbey here and today it is a place where the inhabitants of Ilovik rest in peace because they must take their last journey by boat, across the sea, to St. Peter's graveyard. During the summer months Ilovik is a favourite destination for tourists, so sometimes there can be as many as 150 yachts in the Ilovik Channel during the night. You can reach the island from Mali Losinj every day on board the local ship or one of many excursion boats. SUSAK Susak is special in many ways. It is different from other islands of the archipelago because it is a sandy island and there is a shortage of rocks. Piles of sand are placed on a flat lime-stone plate.As far as your eyes can reach,the view is always the same- sand.Stones are precious here, so there are no stone walls but fences made of bamboo. Due to the fact that it is one of the most distant islands from the mainland, it preserved its old customes and speech. The colourful folk costume that women wear during festivities and the black one they wear every day is really worth seeing. It consists of a rather short, elaborated skirt with a number of underskirts. There are no cars on Susak, as well as on other smaller islands of the archipelago. The only way people transport things is by a hand-cart and it isn't strange to see a woman carrying a 'demijohn' of wine on her head. Wine has always been a strategic product of Susak, so if you order fish in a restaurant do not forget to order the famous Susak wine 'Trojsaina'. On Susak you can enjoy in its sandy beaches because they can rarely be found in this part of the Adriatic. UNIJE A conveniant fact about this island is that you may reach it every day not only by ship but by plane as well. While the northern and eastern parts of the island are high and rocky with maquis, the western and southern parts are low, sandy and fertile. Unije is famous for its olive oil so there were once two olive mills in the place. Thanks to its beautiful beaches the island has become a favourite tourist destination.



Dear Visitors,
We would like to acquaint you with events which are held in our region. We hope that you find here something for your soul, have a pleasant stay, meet some wonderful people and take away some happy memories.
Have fun!

Fragrant April – Asparagus, Lošinj Onion and Borage

04.04. – 15.09. Coats of Arms and Symbols of Veli Lošinj
Veli Lošinj – Kula Gallery, at 20:00 h

16.-27.04. 6th Lošinj Cuisine Festival
Lošinj Island

06.04. Good Friday Procession
Mali Lošinj and Nerezine, at 19:00 h

08.04. Fragrant Festival
Mali Lošinj – Main Square 09:00 – 13:00 h

09.04. Easter on Lošinj
Easter concert by the Josip Kašman Brass Orchestra
11:00 h Veli Lošinj – St. Anton’s Parish Church
20:00 h Mali Lošinj –Parish Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

20.-22.04. Sailboat Regatta “With the wind through the silence”

21.04. – 29.04. Exhibition: Susak Expo at the Lošinj Museum
Mali Lošinj – Fritzy Palace, at 20:00 h

24.-26.04. Natour Adria – Travel and trade show of active holidays
Mali Lošinj

27. – 28.04. Moto meeting: 30th Open birthday party
Mali Lošinj – Camp Čikat, at18:00 h

28.-29.04. 2nd Youth Photo Days
Veli Lošinj

28.04. 4th Lošinj Half Marathon
Veli Lošinj – Mali Lošinj – Veli Lošinj, start at 11:00 h

28.04. – 02.05. 6th Lamb Festival: the Aroma of Island Lamb
Lošinj Island

Fragrant May – Sage, Fennel and Nettle

01.05. International Workers’ Day Celebration
Mali Lošinj – Main Square, at 10:00 h

04.05. – 09.06. Art Show by Mitar Matić
Mali Lošinj –Fritzy Palace, at 20:00 h

05.05. Lošinj Flower
Mali Lošinj – Main Square, at 09:00 h

06.05. Nerezinski “Muaj“
Nerezine – Studenac Square, at 10:30 h

12.05. Fragrant Festival
Mali Lošinj – Main Square, 09:00 – 13:00 h

12.-22.05. 6th Days of Ambroz Haračić
Lošinj Island

18.05. International Museum Day
Mali Lošinj

26.05. Nerezine Bagpipe Festival
Nerezine – Studenac Square, at 20:00 h


We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.
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Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
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Town of Mali Lošinj
Riva lošinjskih kapetana 7, phone: +385 51 231 056

Open University-Mali Lošinj
V. Gortana 35, phone: +385 51 231 173

Lošinj Museum
V. Gortana 35, phone: +385 51 233 892; 233 614